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we're called
to serve

Serving others both locally and globally is an integral part of the life of this local church.  When we're serving others, we're serving God.  As servants of God we love, encourage, welcome and support not only those who are already following Christ, but also those who have yet to embrace the faith.  We know serving others isn't always convenient or comfortable, it's a powerful way to experience community, encounter God, and pursue our calling as His hands and feet in the world.

God has a unique place for you to serve where your unique abilities and passions can impact the lives of others.  Whether it's caring for babies, greeting guests as they enter our facilities, or serving on a tech team, we want to walk alongside you to find the right team where your gifts and talents will make an incredible kingdom impact.

How Do I Serve?

start by filling out
the "Join A Team" form

Next, someone from that team
will contact you about serving

then begin serving!



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thanks for joining us

We're so glad you made the decision to join us for our time of community worship today!  May you experience the fullness of God's presence with us today and may God's grace and peace overwhelm you as you worship with us!

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